Micro skiff (microskiff) that’s definitely not a solo skiff

Wavewalk S4 microskiff – far from a solo skiff

You might think that a very small skiff (microskiff, micro-skiff) would be as small as a kayak, and as such be restricted to carrying just one person on board (solo skiff), and not very comfortably, but not all kayaks are created equal, and not all micro skiffs are alike –
Wavewalk’s S4 is designated as a kayak, and it can serve as such (and as a canoe) for paddling in extremely shallow water, called “skinny water”, where motors are no longer effective, or simply restricted for use by law. But with its extreme stability and carrying capacity of 650 lbs, the S4 can serve as a solo boat, tandem boat, and even a boat for a crew of three. Moreover, it’s a full skiff in the sense that you can invite guests on board, and go cruising in style and comfort – It’s perfect for the Texas flats, bays, the Gulf coast, and for fishing offshore.

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