Skiffs and Kayaks for flats fishing in Texas

OK, so here’s the problem –
Big skiffs can’t go in skinny water, small skiffs are not seaworthy and you can’t paddle them if you need to, such as in really shallow water and in grass, and kayaks are uncomfortable and get you tired even before you reach the spot where you want to fish. And of course, depending on trailer for transporting your boat makes you lose a lot of time driving to boat ramps and waiting in line there.
So, what’s the solution? Could all these problems be solved in one boat, or skiff, or kayak?
Indeed, the new Series $ (S4) from Wavewalk solves all these problems for you, and more, and any angler in Texas can order it factory direct, and have it shipped to their home.
Our sister website Texas Fishing Kayaks and Skiffs has just published an article on this boat, entitled The Wavewalk S4 skiff kayak – The best solution for Texas anglers.
The article includes a video that shows a 330 lbs guy perfectly at ease driving the S4 and fishing from it in various positions. This video is a must see for any big and heavy fisherman in Texas.
Best of all, you can easily car-top and paddle this mini ultralight and versatile skiff by yourself, but you can also take up to two additional passengers on board.
We hope you’ll enjoy reading it and watching the new videos in it.

Fishing from a kayak that’s as stable as a boat, and back pain free…

Well, the title says everything, almost, since Wavewalk® kayaks offer some more advantages on top of their unrivaled stability and comfort.  You can order these solo and two-person fishing kayaks and boats factory direct, and here are a few videos that show some of the unique performance they offer:




Trailer-free, easy car-top, portable fishing boat for two anglers and their gear, and an outboard motor:



The is no fishing kayak on the market that offers big guys, heavy guys, and folks with disabilities so much comfort and ease of use: